Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Shanika Warren-Markland in Gone too Far!

Gone Too Far! follows two estranged teenage brothers, Yemi and Ikudayisi, over the course of a single day as they meet for the first time and struggle to accept each other for who they are.

The film stars Shanika Warren-Markland, a TYPT participant (Krunch 2011), as Armani.  

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Casting Call

KATE RHODES JAMES CASTING is currently looking for the following: 
  • 16-18 year old male actor
  • MUST be of Indian origin and ideally able to do an Indian accent
  • Can be based anywhere in the UK, experience not necessary

Meet Talawa's Literary Associate

What does a Literary Associate do?
At Talawa, the Literary Associate is a new role, brought in to oversee some exciting new projects.  Talawa has always been a 'go to' company for new writers. We want that spirit to continue, we want to produce more new plays in the future, and ultimately we want to make British theatre more diverse by establishing talented new Black British writers and theatre-makers.  

To help us achieve this, we are partnering with the Bush, Soho and the BBC writersroom and starting a brand new scheme called the Talawa Writers' Programme, commissioning three new writers to write a new play and take part in a year-long programme of activities.  

We're going to make Talawa Firsts an even stronger showcase of new Black British talent.  We're going to read and give feedback on every script that is sent in to us.  So please send me your scripts, invite me along to see your work if you are an emerging artist, and keep an eye on our website for any opportunities that come up!

In your view, what makes a good script? I always think that with a good script you can tell the writer has taken a risk in writing it.  They’ve put them self on the line, reached for something that’s really important to them and risked feeling silly or exposed or having it all fall apart!

When considering a script what are the top 3 areas you like to see covered?
My top 3 things I would look for in a script are…

1 Having something to write about – something that is important to you that you want to interrogate in the play
2 A distinctive voice, that conjures up that particular writer’s world and would transport an audience there
3 Bravery (see above)

How can Talawa Theatre Company help writers develop their work? We are going to use the script reading service as a way of finding talented new writers to work with.  Our readers will give some feedback to each writer.  We will develop a writer we are interested in in a number of ways – from inviting you in for a chat, to putting you up for a slot in the next Talawa Firsts season of play readings, to considering you for next year’s Talawa Writers’ Programme

Looking ahead, how do you see what Talawa Theatre Company is doing in this area developing? In a year’s time, we will have three new plays from the Talawa Writers’ Programme writers, which will be ready for us and our partners to try to put on.  We will also have three brand new writers just starting out on next year’s programme.  

It will be great to see what happens over the course of this year and make the second year of the Talawa Writers' Programme bigger and better.  I would like to feel that in the future we have linked up the script reading service, the Talawa Writers’ Programme, Talawa Firsts and Hot Spots, so that we are not just discovering new talent but also developing new talent and feeding it into Talawa’s main programme of productions to create something sustainable and supportive. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Icarus in Love

Theatre West is looking for actor musicians for the World Premiere of Icarus in Love by Edson Burton at The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter.

Icarus in Love is a tale of love and jazz told against the backdrop of Soho in the swinging 60s. Reg and Henri are living the dream. Resident musicians in the smoky enclave of a Soho jazz club, they enjoy a glamour and verve that others envy. Life is a party but this party comes at a price…

Gay men at a time when homosexuality is a criminal offence; interracial lovers in a racist society; jazz warriors in the time of the flop-haired Beatles: they are existing on the fringes of society that shouts free love but can’t always deliver.

Theatre West are looking for three male actors who could also form a jazz trio (must be able to play an instrument). Characters include:

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

AFROVIBES Festival 2014

Marking 20 Years of Democracy in South Africa - Touring the UK 13 October to 8 November

The biennial festival that celebrates the performing and visual arts of South Africa, returns for a third entertaining and highly thought-provoking season from October 13th to November 8th 2014 at 17 venues across the UK.

Leading South African Playwright Mike Van Graan is giving a q&a about contemporary theatre in South Africa and his own work, at Talawa's Studio onThursday 16th October at 6pm as part of the Afrovibes Festival.   To reserve a place, please email us.

Mike Van Graan is the leading social realist political playwright in South Africa. He is Associate writer with Artscape in Cape Town.   His work is stunningly perceptive about life in post apartheid South Africa and Afrovibes is touring his production RAINBOW SCARS. (17th/18th October Stratford Circus) Alongside this, readings of two of his other plays will be presented: BROTHERS IN BLOOD and ELUSIVE SPRING.   Find out more.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Nuff Said?

Outside of Africa, who are we?  African?  Caribbean?  Black British?  African American?  African diaspora?
Do our voices, internal or external, truly express our heritage and experience?
Nuff Said? is an arts installation project which combines animation, archive and multi-media to consider the mind, body and voice of African descendants through history.   The project brings together a new group of artists to zigzag, coast, prod, and illuminate the social history of the African Diaspora.

Nuff Said? Are Looking for a female actor who can perform with an authentic Jamaican accent for a voiceover recording of 'Ta Rahtid’ written by Sol B River, first performed at Young Vic in 1996.

The voiceover will be used as part of an arts installation which will incorporate animation, film, photography and archive, to be delivered in Loughborough Junction, Brixton, in October.

Actor will be required on 29th & 30th September.   Rehearsal and familiarisation with script on 29th, recording in studio on Tuesday 30th September.

Fee:  £200

Please contact Lara Samuels by email with CV and contact details.