Wednesday, 13 August 2014


The office suddenly became very empty as the TYPT team decamped to the Embassy Theatre. We miss the creative energy and buzz the team brought to us every day as they rehearsed in our studio. 

Tickets for LIE WITH ME are starting to shift. If you haven't already got yours, please do.

LIE WITH ME is a show like no other, fast, furious, physical, funny – pure dramatic theatre.

LIE WITH ME: What happens when all the promises you make to yourself and others are broken? Who can you really trust?

Talawa Theatre Company's TYPT 14 production, LIE WITH ME
In a surreal hospital, twisted scenarios cause group dynamics to crumble in the face of betrayal. Physical theatre and a haunting soundscape combine to create an evening of powerful drama.

Come and see LIE WITH ME, a piece of brand new theatre.

14 - 16 August - Show starts 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)
The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Embassy Theatre, London, NW3
Tickets - £8 / £6: BOOK:
Phone box office: 0333 666 3366
BSL signed show Sat 16 August

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Week 3: A picture forms

Entering week 3 and we're finally getting to see the structure of our final piece. 

Slowly but surely things are coming together. Admittedly, a few of us were worried about whether we would be able to get a good show together in the little time we had, but soon realised that we just had to trust the awesomeness of our creative team. And an awesome team they really are. Bit by bit we are being introduced to our props and set, things couldn't get any more exciting! They probably will though! *scream*

Being pushed every single day with ruthless circuit training to build up our stamina is one of the many things I didn't expect to encounter but very glad I did. 

From day 1, we were told that this would be a very physical show; we could need to go from a scene to a physical sequence possibly with some dialogue intertwined then back into a scene all looking as effortless as walking down the street. Okay, maybe slightly more effort, but you get the picture.

One of the aspects of this process I am really loving is simply getting to know and becoming friends with my fellow cast members, an amazing group of people all who bring their own special spice to the mix. Initially, this doesn't seem like a very crucial ingredient to putting on a successful production but it's surprising how much of a difference actually liking the people you're working with makes. Who knew?!

I still find myself trying to pinpoint exactly what I did in the audition to make the Talawa team pick me ahead of the many other talented performers I witnessed, but I'm just immensely grateful that they did. 

TYPT is such an incredible opportunity! Once this process is over I will be filled with such melancholy (sorry for the dramatics, I just wanted to slip in my favorite word!) although proud that I was a part of something so magnificent and finally honored that I can now associate myself with the small, but feisty force that is Talawa Theatre Company.

Everyone who comes to see the show is sure to be in for a treat (maybe even a trick or two if you're lucky).

Watch this space!

Angelina Chudi

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Michael Buffong in The Stage

Our Artistic Director Michael Buffong recently shared his thoughts with The Stage, discussing the whole question of diversity in drama and what was holding people back and defining a possible solution.

Have a look at what he had to say (click the image to see a larger version).

TYPT:14 - Lie With Me

Talawa’s TYPT:14 production, LIE WITH ME, will play at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s Embassy Theatre from 14 - 16 august 2014.

LIE WITH ME has been devised by an energetic team of young theatre makers working collaboratively with an experienced Director and creative team.   Over four weeks of intensive rehearsal and exploration, but no script, a brand new piece of high quality theatre emerges.  

  • Find out how this story of duplicity, betrayal and loyalty plays out through vivid storytelling and thrilling acrobatics: BOOK NOW

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Talawa Firsts Reviewed

We've been really pleased by the positive reactions to Talawa Firsts from audiences and press.   The feedback is a real tribute to the hard work put in by everyone, our writers, casts, directors, off stage crews and stage manager.   Here are a few samples of what was said and written:

"It’s wonderful that Talawa Firsts presents such a supportive and creative environment for new writing to emerge and develop; I would love to see Normal staged fully at a larger venue and I’m sure its adeptly woven tapestry of strong characters and voices will take it far."
A Younger Theatre Reviewing NORMAL by Theresa Ikoko

"With no props or set to hide behind, it’s the force of the story and the actors’ commitment that propel ‘BlackTop Sky’."
Afropean reviewing BLACKTOP SKY by Christina Anderson

"An exciting new addition to Britain’s wealth of playwrights, Sabo Kpade’s ability to open up lesser known characters and communities to a range of audiences is worth investing in."
Afridiziak reviewing HAVE MERCY ON LIVERPOOL STREET by Sabo Kpade

"No God No Girls is a witty, intuitive and provocative piece which raises many questions about the relationships in our own lives."
Afridziak reviewing NO GOD NO GIRLS by Karla Williams

"a rich, intensely focussed, solo 'tour-de-force' ; 'Breaking Bad in Bradford', if you will(!) ... The transitions are fluid, and each of the characters seem both familiar and, at the same time, unique; this is as much a testament to Hercules' insightful writing, as to his acting ability."
Afridiziak reviewing PRISON GAME by Marcus Hercules

TYPT:14 is here!

19 years ago TYPT was born. TYPT is Talawa Theatre Company's flagship programme for emerging theatre makers aged 18-25 years old. TYPT is now a fixture in London's theatre scene. Why?   

Creative processes are aligned with fresh participants aged 18-25, both on and off stage, who work with an experienced Director to devise a piece of theatre from the ground up - there is no script. Over four weeks of intensive rehearsals the TYPT company work together to develop their practice, test ideas and explore new ways of working.   The results are always exciting. 

This year's TYPT production will be the 20th - an enduring testament to Talawa's commitment to enabling new BAME voices to be heard. We are also really pleased that our long standing association with the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama is going from strength to strength and will premiere the TYPT:14 production at their Embassy Theatre in Hamsptead from 14-16 August 2014 - tickets will be made available soon.

TYPT:14 Director - Ola Animashawun
Ola is a part-time associate director at the Royal Court theatre, as well as a presenter, compere and producer. Ola is a co-founder of the playwriting consultancy Euphoric Ink. We're really pleased to have someone of Ola's calibre working with our participants to devise a new piece of theatre for TYPT:14.

TYPT:14 Participants
Angelina Chudi; Anthony Simpson-Pike; Antonia Jay; Damilola Fashola; Deborah Oyelade; George Oluyinka; Hassan Govia; Obi Obiora; Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu.

TYPT's magic formula has a lot to do with it's enduring success, as this video story explains.   

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Have Mercy on Liverpool Street

Sabo Kpade's debut play Have Mercy on Liverpool Street is directed by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith and features a strong cast giving their all in this hilarious, affectionate and at times shocking look at the interwined lives of a community living near Liverpool Street. The cast features Shola Adewusi, Delroy Atkinson, Demi Oyediran, Paapa Essiudu, Stephanie Yamson and Jonathan Livingstone.

Have Mercy on Liverpool Street has sold out.   We had the privilege of sitting in on rehearsals and took some snaps.   Here they are, a foretaste of what's to come this evening.