Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015



Devised by TYPT:15
Directed by Christopher Simpson
The Embassy Theatre
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
20 - 22 August 2015, 7.30pm

SOAPBOX is a dynamic new show blending physical theatre, lyrical text and live music.
A whisper, a scream or a desperate plea; step into a unique world where people simply dare to speak.

TYPT is Talawa Theatre Company's flagship programme for emerging theatre makers.  Every year a new team of emerging and established artists come together to create a brand new show in just 4 weeks.

Emerging Practitioners

Performers and Devisers: 
Alaba Nwanya
Faaiz Mbelizi
Jasmine Breinburg
Liah Tecle
Patrick Elue
Rosemary Akinola

Writer and Deviser: 
Aude Konan

Assistant Designer/ASM: 
Alice Simonato

Established Practitioners

Director: Christopher Simpson
Movement: Coral Messam and Christopher Simpson
Designer: Mila Sanders
Lighting Designer: Pablo Fern├índez Baz
Musician: Fran Lobo
Production Manager: Samantha Nurse
Stage Manager (on book): Julia Nimmo
Producer: Gail Babb

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

All Our Sons

Talawa Theatre Company worked with several children as part of the recent tour of Arthur Miller's All My Sons.   This is something Talawa does with all its touring productions.

The children played the part of 'Bert', with a different child playing that part at each theatre on the tour. Now, Paul Omar Elkan Agyei who played 'Bert' at our shows in Malvern will star in 'King for a Term' alongside Hollywood superstar Idris Elba. 

The film is about a boy called Akuna who has asthma and has to leave his normal school to go to a specialist establishment where he can get more help for a term.

It has been written and is being directed by award-winning Idris Elba, best known for his portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the film Mandela and Detective John Luther in the BBC series Luther. 

We couldn't be more pleased for Omar - way to go! 
 Find out more here.

Arthur Miller's All My Sons was Talawa's 2014/2015 touring production

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Send us your play!

Are you a Black writer with a story tell? 

Talawa has a history of nurturing and collaborating with outstanding writers such as Roy Williams, Derek Walcott, Jackie Kay and Malorie Blackman, as well as more recently Arinze Kene, Somalia Seaton, Theresa Ikoko and Inua Elams.  

Talawa Script Reading Service open from 1 - 31 July 2015

Send us your play

We welcome submissions from Black writers in the UK. 

We have 3 script submissions windows over the course of the year. 

The window for submissions is open from 1 - 31 July 2015. 


What we will do

We will respond to each script with some feedback from our readers and then invite shortlisted writers we are interested in working with to come in and meet us. 

Could it be you?

Apply now

Please send your script along with a short covering letter telling us about you and your work by post to:

Talawa Theatre Company
53-55 East Road
London N1 6AH

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Black Theatre Live - Artists and Companies Opportunities

Artists & Companies Opportunities

There are a host of ongoing and regular opportunities for artists and companies to develop work, secure seed commissions and produce for touring.

Black Theatre Live has put together a digest of some of the current opportunities. 

DOWNLOAD - Black Theatre Live

The Dry Nation

Director/Producer needed for theatre project in London.

An emerging writer/ director is seeking a professional director/producer to work with research and development project for July the 18th 2015 - the date can be re-arranged to suit the director/producer’s availability.

The Dry Nation:

The Dry Nation is a stage play set in Johannesburg, South Africa, where religion controls people. The play is written by an emerging writer/director, Samantha Dube

Linda lives with her cruel herbalist, mother Mrs Josephine Hopkins, who despises Christianity.  Linda strives to escape her mother’s imprisonment when she falls in love with Walter Abraham, the son of a respectable community Priest, Mr Moses Abraham.  According to Mr Abraham, the Hopkins’ generation is the devil’s weapon. However, Walter sacrifices his father’s commandments for the woman he loves.  Mrs Hopkins will not allow Linda to bring shame on her family.

The play consists 8 characters excluding extras.

List of Characters:
  • Linda Hopkins, the protagonist: Female aged 18-25
  • Walter Abraham, an assistant pastor: Male, aged 18-25
  • Mrs Josephine Hopkins, the antagonist: Female aged 18-40
  • Mr Abraham, the priest: Male, aged 18-40
  • Atalia Vertboy, the temper: Female aged 18-35Abigail Muzi, Atalia’s friend: Female aged 17-35
  • Welcome Vertboy, an energetic thrilling local boy: Male, aged 12-25
  • Makesure Zulu, Welcome’s best friend: Male, aged 12-25

Please send your contact details directly to Samantha Dube

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Week 3 of Talawa Firsts

Talawa Firsts 2015: A look ahead ...

Wednesday 24th June 

Skipping Rope tells the story of a mother and daughter struggling to love each other. Only by sifting through the worst things they have done will they finally feel like they belong.

Like a skipping rope, the writing beats out a rhythm that articulates the characters’ longing to come together. If the rhythm is broken, will the skipping rope become the family’s noose?   BOOK

Thursday 25th June  

Getting your project off the ground: Fundraising, Producing and Touring

Jonathan Kennedy (Executive Director, Tara Arts and Lead Producer, Black Theatre Live), Richard Kingdom (Greenhouse Project Manager, Farnham Maltings) and Pete Staves (Senior Relationships Manager, Arts Council England) will share their experience of supporting work by emerging artists. Following this, they will open up the session to participants who will have the opportunity to get expert advice on their projects. Aimed at producers and theatre-makers with an idea in development, whether that be an idea at the earliest stage of development or a play that has been produced and needs support in giving it a future life. BOOK.

Friday 25th June

Normads will take you on a dark journey which explores hip hop theatre in a way never seen before using abstract and dynamic movements.

Normads will showcase at Talawa Firsts 2015 on Friday 26th June.   Normads is hip hop theatre with a Far From The Norm approach - and that means forget what you think you know about hip-hop theatre and movement.

The techniques, methods and inspirations Botis Seva, Artistic Director of Far from the Norm, and the performers draw on span all art forms.   Be prepared to be have your perceptions and expectations challenged and aroused by provocative and groundbreaking hip hop dance theatre work. BOOK.